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When I was young, I remember playing the old game of  Concentration with my grandmother. It looked just like this picture. You took turns flipping tiles and had to find the matching pieces. Anyone else remember when it was on … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

I like to sit in different places at church. Last week, I sat near the front. After the first worship song when we were instructed to greet those around us, the man behind me asked if I was visiting. That … Continue reading

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Works Don’t Work

Recently I spent an entire day helping someone. I spent a tremendous amount of energy caring for three children, one dog, and two houses, coordinating logistics, driving back and forth, helping with swim lessons, supervising a play date, and serving … Continue reading

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When I considered whether to publish this post on my personal blog or ministry site, I decided both, because it is a good story, and it is fundamental to my calling. So here goes… A few weeks ago, I taught … Continue reading

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Hello all! Or the three of you that check in on a regular basis, haha. 😉 I am not normally given to post much personal chit-chat here, but to bridge the gap and get back to posting, I will catch you … Continue reading

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