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Best Christmas Present Idea

I wanted to share this idea in case anyone else wants to do it. For Christmas I got my nephews each a bible that I thought they could relate to – an illustrated children’s one for 6-year-old Carsen, and an … Continue reading

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When I was young, I remember playing the old game of  Concentration with my grandmother. It looked just like this picture. You took turns flipping tiles and had to find the matching pieces. Anyone else remember when it was on … Continue reading

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Welcome, 2014

New Year’s is not usually a big deal for me.  It is just another number as time goes by. But this year, I felt a great sense of relief speckled with a bit of optimism at the calendar change. 2013 … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

I like to sit in different places at church. Last week, I sat near the front. After the first worship song when we were instructed to greet those around us, the man behind me asked if I was visiting. That … Continue reading

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NES Guest Post

Hello all! I recently wrote a Christmas devotional guest post for my alma mater Northeastern Seminary’s blog, and they published it today. Hop on over and take a look: Be blessed! 🙂

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