Michele and Cindy

Michele has a passion for God.  Her life goal is to know and experience Jesus more every day.

While Michele has been called a gifted writer and teacher, she is a student at heart. She loves digging for precious jewels in God’s Word and sharing those treasures with others.

Michele loves animals. Most recently she had a cat, AJ, for 14 years and a sweet dog named Cindy, who was her beloved companion for 16½ years.

Michele’s professional background stems from a love of aviation and technology. She is a licensed electrical/telecommunications engineer and is fascinated by the convergence of science and theology.

Michele graduated from Northeastern Seminary with a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies. She is captivated by the original Biblical languages and is currently learning Greek. She recently wrote a book on the importance and techniques of memorizing Scripture. Read more about it here: ImprintTheWord.com

Michele enjoys playing softball and watching college football. She prefers warm, sunny weather, and her ideal day would include a Bible, good friends, laughter, Mexican food, chocolate, a beach, and a dog.

Connect with Michele on Twitter as @Micheledidasko

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Header photo is the Sea of Galilee from the Northwest, from BiblePlaces.com Image Library, Logos Research Systems, 2009