Best Christmas Present Idea

I wanted to share this idea in case anyone else wants to do it. For Christmas I got my nephews each a bible that I thought they could relate to – an illustrated children’s one for 6-year-old Carsen, and an comic-book style Action Bible for 11-year-old Kaden.

Here is the key – I got them a few weeks ago P1090077 and have been reading through them and writing notes throughout them right on the pages. Writing things like what I think of something, questions about what they would do in that situation, questions or comments about what the passages say about God, or even just funny comments. I am hoping that as they read them, my notes will help them engage by dialoging with me and God, so they will learn to seek God in His Word.

I hope that they will start to search each page for messages written just for them, and eventually realize that God has so many more treasures, waiting to be discovered, personalized just for each of them. – For each of us.

So if you like that idea, do it for your kids. The seeds you sow will bring a mighty harvest.

And if you need an idea for other people in your life, check out my book. It talks about how to bring a harvest in your own life by getting God’s Word inside you. So many people have completely transformed their lives by uniting with God in His Word. Especially if the holidays are difficult for you, find comfort and peace with Jesus. Read more about it here.

Merry Christmas!!

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