His Voice

I have been in a nebulous season where I have been desiring direction and structure but finding none of it. I often ask God what I should be doing, yet I have not heard answers to the biggest questions.

So then, as any good over-analyzer would do, I ask why.

Why have I not heard clear direction? God has a plan, and He can make that plan crystal clear at any moment in any number of ways. I want to be in God’s will and for sure He wants me in His will. So, where did the communication break down? Or did it?

I came up with two possibilities which are not mutually exclusive.

1. Maybe I am exactly where He wants me to be right now.

2. Maybe I am not listening.

To hear from God, I must be tuned into His voice and disconnected from all other noise. I cannot expect to hear significant things from Him if the only time I pay attention is during a short morning prayer time. Big questions need big answers, and big answers need time and attention to tune into the still, small voice.

God does not call us to focus on the problem, or even the answer. He calls us to focus on Him. He promises that when we call His Name, He will answer. We must set aside the unimportant, shut out the other voices, and tune in to Jesus.

When you exalt God’s name above all others, you will hear His voice above all else.

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