Worth Fighting For

Life used to be slower. I remember a time when things were different.

A time when people asked questions such as, “What do you want to do tonight?” because they did not already have plans.

A time when if you decided to organize something the next day or that weekend, people were available and committed on the spot. And bonus – they even showed up.

A time when the possibility of being bored was a much bigger concern than desperately trying to run through an endless list of tasks and appointments while trying to offend the least amount of people, or at least only offending the people whose backlash would cause only minimal damage.

Those days seem to be long gone. Welcome to the fast lane.

There are so many things vying for our time and attention these days. Jobs, family, pets, events, kid’s programs, church functions, study groups, caring for others, household chores, and on and on. When our schedules become overcrowded, something must suffer.  The laundry does not get done, the kids don’t get help with homework, the dog does not get walked, or we fall behind at work. Not to mention there is no time left for “me.” Worse yet, there is no time left for God.

I believe one of the statements that most grieves the heart of God is, “I just don’t have time to sit with my Bible.

And it is not just external influences. One of the enemy’s main goals is to distract us, especially from connecting with God. And sometimes the problem is us. I know my own mind loves to scatter thoughts like leaves in the wind, so that even when I make time to be alone with God, it can be excruciatingly hard to focus.

Yet the fact is that we will never accomplish what God wants us to do unless we meet with Him on a regular basis. And we will not be able to face what awaits us today unless we get filled to the measure with Jesus first. He is Life; how can we do life without Him?

It can be a struggle to make time to meet with God, but that is a fight worth having. He is our help, our guide, our strength, and our very great reward. When something matters, you make time for it. Our relationship with God is worth fighting for.

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