Thy Neighbors

This morning I was walking & working on my verses when I saw an older man from the next street over in a yard that wasn’t his, which got my attention. He was limping, which made me wonder if he needed help.

I stopped and quickly figured out the issue when I saw a white cat in the next garage, and knew it didn’t belong there.

I asked the man if was looking for a white cat, and indeed he was. Working together, we corralled the escaped kitty and he was able to grab her.

This is a small thing, but to that man, it was important. He has just adopted the cat a few weeks ago, and since we have had predators in the area recently, it is possible that if that cat was left out wandering at night, it might become a meal for a fox or coyote.

To me this is the essence of church. Knowing enough about your neighbors to know when something is out of sorts, and caring enough to stop, ask, and help if needed.

Mission trips to exotic locations seem glamourous or noble, but there is plenty to be done in our own neighborhoods. If we just pay attention to the people right around us and do the little things, we can make someone’s day a bit brighter, and all those little things will add up to make the world a better place.

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One Response to Thy Neighbors

  1. RichStine says:

    When I cannot find my best friend (who happens to have both fur & tail), I, too, become undone!
    I wonder:
    While worry isn’t a component of G_d, at least that I’m aware of, I can’t help wonder about the dismay we cause, when like wandering sheep…or in this case, kitties…we go astray?
    Interesting, too: most times, when we are where we shouldn’t, we don’t realize it. Our internal alarms are shut off, or we keep hitting proverbial snooze button….
    Thanks for Twitter follow. 🙂

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