Sunday Is Coming

Like many people in the northern half of the United States, I have been longing for the warmer temperatures of spring. This was certainly not the worst winter we have had in Syracuse, but it has definitely been lingering longer than some of us would like.

For weeks now, my friend and I have been hoping for P1060788 warmer weather so we can get outside. Since we do not engage in winter activities such as skiing, we end up  cooped up inside for months on end while the temperatures remain below freezing and the snow piles up. In addition, the days are quite short and winters are mostly cloudy, so the average amount of sunshine is only 2 hours a day through the heart of the winter. All this can lead to a rather dreary scanario and increased rates of depression.

So when spring weather finally comes around, it is wonderful. The snow melts, open windows bring fresh air into the house, and the sun warms everything and everyone up. A good spring rain washes away the salt and filth of winter. Nature responds also – the grass greens up, trees start to bud their leaves, flowers poke through the thawing ground, and the birds return, singing beautiful songs. The warm breeze is like a breath of new life.

ForecastThis year, many of us have been anxiously watching the weather forecasts, hoping to see temperatures climb. I was amused to see that the first day above 50 is supposed to happen on Easter Sunday.

How perfect.

As we wait and hope for nice weather, how much more do we put our hope in the promise of the resurrection?

Friday is the day we remember Jesus’ death. It was more excruciating that any of us can possibly imagine. Friday was painful, traumatic, and devastating. Are you having a day, or maybe a season, like that? Have you lost a job, suffered from an injury or ailment, endured a frustrating circumstance, or lost a loved one?

But on the third day He rose.

Jesus died to pay our sin debt and reconcile us back to God. Not only does accepting this free gift of grace guarantee your place in heaven, but when God places His Holy Spirit in you, He will remain with you always, as your constant compainion, guide, strength, and true love. You never have to walk through any trial alone, and nothing we go through in this life has to be in vain. One day Jesus will return, and in the new life, there will be no more crying, no more tears, and no more pain. Ever. Just pure, penetrating, saturating, agape love from the One who is love and life. Better than we can ever imagine.

If we could truly grasp how glorious that day will be, it would be easier to endure the challenges today. 5848_129742896032_702334_n

Life on planet earth is hard, but no matter  how trying your Friday is, remember –

Sunday is coming.

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