Book Review & Giveaway!: Updated

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations to Becky Collie! Everyone else, remember that you can still get a copy for yourself, see the bottom of this post. And may God bless you in your ministries and your relationships. Thanks for participating!

Do you like books? Would you like a free one? Yes? Well then, keep reading…

My friend Mary Snyder recently published  God, Grace, & Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith and Friendship.”

The book is essentially a “how-to” for basic women’s ministry, covering a broad range of topics.

The first half of the book guides the reader through how to find and cultivate godly friendships. It provides many tangible ideas on how to have fun and fellowship with your girlfriends, such as lunches, game nights, and volunteering together. One entire chapter is devoted to growing closer to God yourself, as that is the most important relationship we have.

One word of caution: while the book suggests seeking godly counsel when dealing with difficult issues, it also strongly advises quickly terminating an unhealthy relationship. I pray that women of God will read that chapter bearing in mind that we are called to love others, including those that are mentally, emotionally, or spiritually wounded. This means setting proper boundaries and looking for ways to help without condoning unhealthy behavior.

The second half of the book is packed with practical advice, including how to lead a Bible study, coordinate a ladies’ day out, or even plan a group trip or retreat. Mary carefully details required steps and tangental issues to consider during the planning and implementation of each type of event. She also lists helpful resources, suggestions, and even example schedules. Lined pages are tucked in between chapters so readers can jot down their own ideas.

God, Grace, & Girlfriends is a very handy resource for anyone new to women’s ministry, desiring to start a ministry, or if you just want some new ideas to spice up your existing group.

“God has great plans for you and your girlfriends.” ~Mary Snyder

So, do you want to improve the women’s ministry at your church? Do you want to start a women’s ministry? Do you just want to have some fun?


p.s. – So many heartfelt responses! I wish I had enough for everyone to have one, but you can always get a copy at your local Lifeway store or online at Lifeway, Amazon, or Abebooks.

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35 Responses to Book Review & Giveaway!: Updated

  1. Tina says:

    This is perfect timing and a message we can use!! I could benefit from both sections.Friendships are important and I am in a season of change with some of mine. Looking forward to reading it!!

  2. HisJules says:

    I could really use this book because I am our womens ministry president and i’m always looking for ways to improve and expand the reach of our ministry. Thanks for the chance to win Michele!

  3. Janell Taylor says:

    I would love this book for friendships and to give ideas for nice group outings on the town with my bible study ladies!! 🙂

  4. HEATHER LEYVA says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book..I feel that it would help me get Women together who really need girl time and to learn about God 🙂

  5. Kristin S. says:

    Hi, this book sounds great! My sister-in-law and I facilitate a women’s Bible Study at our church and we can always use some good information and tips! Blessings:)

  6. cyndiakadisneyqueen says:

    Pastors wife and Women’s Ministry director I’m always looking for ways to inspire our women and improve our reach to the women in our church and community.

  7. Marie Solla says:

    I would like to read this book because I am finding my way as far as what my calling is. My heart would like to help other women find their way, maybe this is a good book to prepare myself with in case God chooses to use me to lead a women’s group.

    • Michele says:

      I hear you, Marie, finding what is – and what is not – our calling is very important in being effective for Christ.

  8. Becky Collie says:

    We are just trying to re ignite our women’s group at church this would be an added resource

  9. Nadia says:

    I am going to be part of the brand new board of PWOC Lakenheath AFB in England, and it’s my first time having a role in women’s ministry. This book would be perfect for helping me find more direction about what God is calling me to do!

  10. tami519 says:

    Recently my husband and I were at a fund raiser and silent auction. We won a beautiful painting called The Lord’s Vineyard. As I read the explanation of the painting I realized there were no workers in the picture as mentioned in the piece. I asked my new artist friend about it and she told me this painting was actually the first piece of a series she started some time ago called The Lord’s Vineyard. She didn’t put any workers in the first painting. Over time the Spirit moved her to add one, then two and sometimes more workers to each painting. It was then that the Holy Spirit moved me to understand that this painting was perfect for David and me. Recently we had talked about all of the things the Lord wants done and how there are no, or at least very few, people who will step up and step out as workers. There are some real needs the Lord has shown us as well as ministries the Lord has put in our hearts. This painting will serve as a reminder that if we don’t do it, it just might be that no one will. Today I pondered if that if, some day, I might become an artist enough to add a worker to the painting. It was then that Holy Spirit spoke to me yet again. He said that if I, in my own power, add a tender to the field that it would not be His perfect will – but imperfectly mine. Wow. Anyway, please throw my name into the hat for Mary Snyder’s book – It will certainly be a blessing as I move toward those women ministries so close to my heart. Have a blessed day.

  11. Donna Arender says:

    God has opened new doors for me this year & I feel like the book will help me as someone who is “new” to a women’s ministry. I had the opportunity to speak at a Women’s Conference earlier this year, but I definitely need to improve! I’m also in a friendship with someone who has emotional problems, and I’d like to learn more on how to help by setting those “proper boundries” so I don’t get caught in the trap of her bringing me down OR should it be terminated. I’m currently invloved in a small group of women who are planning a “Leap of Faith” conference to help others identify their fears and then step out in faith to overcome them. I think this book will help us (not only in planning the conference) but to have fun & fellowship as we are working together. And, certainly the # 1… I am always wanting to grow closer to God. Thanks ~ Donna

    • Michele says:

      Donna, a fantastic resource is Henry Cloud/John Townsend’s “Boundaries.” I recommend everyone read it. Twice. At least, haha. Seriously, get it.

  12. Good morning, WOW what a blessing — we are starting our Ladies Ministry in a merged congregation (Independent Christian and Accapella Church of Christ). Things are going well, but we sure could use some guidance so that we don’t end up chasing rabbits – if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing you love for the LORD in such an important way – women ministering to women!!!!

    Have a blessed day,
    In HIS Service,
    Beverly – Joshua 1:9

  13. My closest friend and I try to lead and plan bible studies to strengthen the bond of the women around us and in our church and grow the womens ministry. We could really use this book to help us forge through those “droughts” of attendance. Blessings to you and thanks for your ministry!!

  14. gail says:

    Looks lovely! I haven’t done a group Bible study since we moved 6 years ago. I’ve done them alone or online, but to do one with a live group would be a great way for me to get closer to other sisters in my neighborhood! I’ll jump at the chance to receive a free gift! Thanks, Michelle!

  15. Carrie S. says:

    This sounds an awesome read for this point in my life. And something I could pass on to others to read.

  16. Joyce says:

    I love reading. This sounds like something I can grow and learn from. There’s always room to grow and learn.

  17. kaschroer says:

    Not sure if my first post went through as I wasn’t logged in, so I’ll try again! My heart is for my sisters in Christ. I’m on our Ministry for Women council and would love to share this book with others on the council and my pastor’s wife. Thanks, Michele!

  18. missy2u says:

    This book would be the perfect tool for my book club. God is the nuclues of our book club we actually started in church talking about the sermon and then we would move on to books, that was in 2006 our book club Readers Paradise.

    Some of our members might not ever step foot in church but they have a relationship with God, I would like to show them how to enhance that relationship with His glory by starting a book club ministry and I think this is the tool that can get us started.

    I thank God for the author, publisher and Christine Smith for adding this giveaway to Womens Bible Cafe.

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