Double Edged Justice

Psalm 99 is absolutely beautiful. Full of adoration and awe, it proclaims the holiness of God.

As part of God’s holiness, He cannot tolerate sin

Verse 4 reads:

Our Mighty King loves justice.

Yes, Yahweh is just. And from that we get two truths:

  1. Nothing that happens to you goes unnoticed by God. He has promised to protect us and to avenge wrongs done to us.
  2. Nothing that you do goes unnoticed by God. God calls us to be holy, and because He is just, He must punish our sin the same as those who sin against us.

And not just when we hurt other people. No sin grieves the heart of God more than idolatry. When we reject or simply ignore God in times of trouble, plenty, or just busy life, we miss out on the most important, life-giving relationship available to humanity.

Make time for God, keep Him a priority in your life, and you will be blessed. Not just by what He can do for you, but by God Himself, His abiding presence within you.

Reading God’s Word provides a sure and focused foundation to face the day. As an exercise of spiritual renewal in this lenten season, I suggest the following:

**Read all of Psalm 99 out loud, once each morning for the next week, each day out of a different translation.

It only takes about 2 minutes. For an added bonus, take an additional 3 minutes and just sit quietly with God.

p.s. – You do not need to be a Christian to do this. Anyone can and everyone should do it. If you are curious about God but do not know Him, try this exercise.

Never forget – God loves you, more than you can imagine.

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4 Responses to Double Edged Justice

  1. Grace Houle says:

    I am going to read Psalm 99 right now. I am encouraged when other people take a stand for the focus on purity. I think it is so important.

  2. HisJules says:

    I took your challenge and it has been a blessing to me this week! Thanks!

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