More Than A Life Manual

Have you ever woken up sad?

I did this morning. After I stewed in it for a few minutes, I grabbed my Bible and my journal. I have walked with God long enough to know that no matter how I am doing, I need God, and I need to be focused on Him first and foremost.

I flipped through my Bible, searching for a passage that would speak to me in that moment. Nothing jumped out at me. So, I journaled about it. I told God how I felt and asked for His help.

Usually in my morning Bible study time, I look for a specific word from God. Some fascinating insight into a passage or a text that clearly applies to my current situation. I always feel better when I receive that.


I believe it is primarily for two reasons:

1. Each time God speaks, it confirms to me that He is still here and engaged. I tend to fear and doubt in between those times.

2. When I do get a word, I feel empowered, as if I had anything to do with that word or could use it through the day to fight my battles myself, armed with this word.

It is not supposed to work that way.

1. God is still here, watching, working, orchestrating, whether we have any sense of His presence or not.

2. We can NOT master God’s Word. As long as we are studying and meditating upon it, God can work in our lives. He does not have to explain to us how He does it.

As I went about my day, I took a step outside my comfort zone by making one phone call, and God opened doors. I was greatly encouraged. And then it hit me – good things happened even though I had not received a specific word that morning.

Moral of the story:

I do not need to master a verse or understand what God is doing. I need only to seek God first, and He will direct my path.

God did not give us the Bible solely as a handbook that we can utilize, like a life owner’s manual that we turn to as needed:

“Sigh, I am sad today. Let me look that up in the table of contents… Ah, yes, here we go, Psalm 43 will explain and fix my problem. Done.”

The Bible is full of wisdom in guidance for life, but it is more than that.

God gave us His Word so that by studying it, we may come to know Him through it. And by knowing God and having an intimate relationship with Him, we may face the day.

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  1. bethany courtney says:

    Dear Michele, Yes I have, like the notes on this, praying for life application also for the fruit of the
    Spirit, as noted in the study LIVING BEYOND yourself, that I’m still working on.Love xo cb

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