Breaking Free – Finale!!!

YES!! You made it! The finish line is just a few steps away, but they are critical steps. Do not stop and do not skip this part. It is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire study!

Prayer: Father, we praise  and thank you for teaching and guiding us through this study. We thank you for Beth and all the ways you have helped us through her. You created us for relationship. True relationship can only happen between two free beings. Write these lessons in our hearts so we can be completely free in Christ. Thank you for not ever giving up on us. We give you all the glory. In the mighty, liberating name of Jesus we pray, amen.

This week, our action items are in a different order as we wrap up this study:

Video: Watch Session 11: The Display of His Splendor.

Homework: Have you ever run in a road race or watched a running race? After a long, hard run, at the very end of the race, something amazing happens. The crowd and the excitement create a rush of adrenaline in the runner and after being dog-tired, they are able to “kick” and sprint the last short section of the race. Well, that is what we need to do now.

Here is the assignment: 1. Set aside a block of time and review this study. Go back through each week and glance over the lessons learned. Make sure you have the overall concepts down. See how everything fits together. Think about how you will apply these lessons if God makes you aware of a stronghold in your life in the future.

2. Explain the basic concepts to someone else. If no one is around, then speak them back to God. This is critical because lessons are engraved in our minds when we teach them to others. Sometimes we can “gloss over” important points, but when we explain them to someone else, the points are solidified in us.

Reflection Questions: Please check in and share: What will you take away from this study? How are you changed?

It has been a privilege studying God’s Word with you.

Great job, dear ones. Do not stop here, stay in the Word!

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2 Responses to Breaking Free – Finale!!!

  1. Courtney Beth Burnside says:

    Michele, Thanks lol, plan to study and review, all the posts that I have missed! So enjoy your site!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Bethany! Glad you have enjoyed the study. I actually have already done Living Beyond Yourself. I do not know what is next. I am praying about it and we will see where God leads.
      And yes, the posts will remain up, so catch up as you are able. It is worth it!
      Have a great week!

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