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I went to a few Women of Faith conferences when I was a new Christian, but have not attended one since 2006. It is a fantastic event and the speakers are wonderful, but it is just not really my thing only because I prefer a teaching environment where I can barely type fast enough to take down all the details unearthed from God’s Word. Otherwise, I get bored. :/

But this year, Dr. Henry Cloud and Lisa Harper were coming!

Dr. Cloud’s videos and books have helped me tremendously. I am fascinated at his ability to explain complex psychological issues – and their theological foundations – all in language that we can understand. He has many valuable resources on depression and other mental illnesses, and if you have not yet read “Boundaries,” run – I mean RUN – and get a copy right now.

Lisa Harper is a gifted Bible teacher and speaker, who is also hilarious and she loves dogs! She is such an encourager.

So, I very much wanted to go to Women of Faith in Rochester, NY, which is about a 90 minute drive from my house. I could not afford a ticket or hotel, but I prayed about it and it continued to be on my heart.

Therefore, last Friday morning (after hearing a radio message on Is 6!!), I drove out to WoF in faith. I milled around for an hour, hoping to buy someone’s extra ticket at a discount, but afraid to actually ask anyone. Finally, God revealed to me that they may have donated tickets available. When I asked, they handed me the ONE ticket that was left.

One FREE ticket. I could not stop crying because I was so thankful. But that is not all

Normally, my agoraphobia would have prevented me from venturing anywhere near that section. I would have found an empty area up in the back somewhere. But I wanted to thank the people that had donated the ticket and tell them how much it meant to me. So, despite the moderate anxiety attack, up I went. And wouldn’t you know…

I saw two people I knew from the church  I had just started attending a few weeks earlier. It turns out that a person from that church had donated the ticket I received.

***So out of ~8,000 seats in that arena, God gave me the ONE ticket that was with people from my new church.***

Only God, y’all. Only God.

 God also provided me a front row seat for the Friday session with Henry Cloud & Sheila Walsh along with the opportunity to meet both of them! I also was blessed to meet Lisa Harper, who even remembered me from our interactions online!

Throw in some nice connections with people from my old church and a friend’s couch to sleep on, and the whole weekend was a huge blessing!

Only God could have orchestrated all that. Only God.

Thank You, Lord.

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7 Responses to Only God – WoF

  1. Melissa Fitzpatrick says:

    How encouraging, Michele! You are right: only God! Also, I adore your blog design, etc. Really really pretty.

  2. Sharon says:

    Dear sweet sister… Don’t you just love the detail that God goes to… and how He personalizes even the minutest of things that are HUGE to your heart and in your eyes! Yes, His GOoDness and His kindness often make us cry. Wonder what He thinks when He sees us in that midst? Wonder what His face looks like while He’s watching ours??? I bet His heart soars even more than ours does… for it’s as He’s told us, it is more blessed to give than to receive… I’m sure that works for Him as well. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I was blessed by your post today! Blessed, too, by what you had earlier written on Isaiah 6:1. WOW! I love that God showed you that in words!!!!… because those words are the verbal picture that paint my 2011 year. I’ve read them so many times, but today you gave me a glimpse to see it as even more beautiful! Thanks so much for letting Him use your voice to share His with another… thanks for letting Him use you to show me what He’s shown to you! Oh my, how I love my LORD! Today He used his hug for you to hug another daughter of His that lives in Alabama. How’s that for a Father of love!!!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Sharon! Yes, He is amazing. I really needed the encouragement, especially since this week is the one year anniversary of the most painful time of my life. I so appreciate God confirming to me that He is still Sovereign, He is with me, and I am right where He wants me.
      So thankful that He could use this story to bless you today. 🙂

      He is so worthy!

  3. I am so encouraged by this story. Truly, only God could do this. Isn’t He a blast!?

  4. bethany courtney says:

    Michele, I so appreciate your ministry for us siestas, and feel the joy of the Lord thru your blog, next to our lpm you are my greatest resource thank you for everything, I have more to tell you and some fabulous & fun pictures to share!! yet my skills in techniness are ‘nit good’, did you remember the story Beth tells in Deeper Still about being punked? She is so good at humor, and laughing thru the tears!!! lets see if we can use such coping skills on some of our issues. I am so amazed about the love we enjoy in sharing, thank you for this home for hospitality and may God richly bless you my beloved!! I will hope to share some only God style stories with you xoxocb
    p.s. I’ll send you my number so we can visit more, perhaps I can talk better than type!!! love and prayers, In His Grip, Bethany

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