Breaking Free – Week 9

Just two weeks left, Dear Ones! You have done so well! The journey is difficult, but God promises that it is worth it!

Week 9, come along now…

Prayer: Father God, we are so grateful  for your unfailing love. We thank You for the promise You have given us through Your Word that states that nothing can separate us from Your love. Lord, we invite you to come and break down the barriers in the doorways of the innermost chambers of our hearts, which we have walled up from previous pain. Let nothing stop Your unfailing love from filling every empty place in us. Bring us the true and complete healing that can only be found in you. Teach us to trust You and abide in Your unfailing love. We love You, too. In the precious name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Reflection Questions: What stood out to you most this week during our study of God’s unfailing love? Was there anything that surprised you? Anything you have difficulty with? Anything stir your heart with gratitude? Post here or on the fb page.

Video: Watch Session 9: God’s Unfailing Love.

Homework: You know it, do the Week 9 homework.

See the light of freedom getting brighter in you. God will finish what He has started.

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