Breaking Free – Week 8

Hi Siestas! We are in the home stretch now. Not bad for a bunch of cracked pots, right? 😉

Three more weeks, let’s do this!

Prayer: Father, thank you for the  reminder that we are not the potter. We are the clay and we are in good hands. Clay cannot shape itself. Help us to let go of our desire to do your job, to rest in Your care, and let You work in us. We know that You have plans for us that are better than we can imagine, and You know who You created us to be. Have Your way in us, Lord. In the glorious name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Reflection Questions: This time, let’s ponder the clay and potter roles we studied last week. We are the clay, and God can mold us, yet when you fire a clay pot, it hardens and cannot be shaped again without being completely pulverized into powder. With us, after we have experienced some firing, God can still mold and shape us without destroying what is already there, can He not? What do you think – are there limits to the clay/potter analogy? Post here or on the fb page.

Video: Watch Session 8: The Potter and The Clay, following along in your member book.

Homework: For a change, let’s do the Week 8 homework.

Press on, Dear Ones. 🙂

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