Breaking Free – Week 7

Is time flying for anyone else? How are we already on Week 7 and almost in November? Know what that means? We are one day closer to our wedding! Together we are making preparations by studying God’s Word. He is making us ready for our Bridegroom.

Are you excited?

Prayer: Lord, we are humbled by your grace. Thank You for caring so deeply about each one of us. You are the ultimate Restorer. You alone are able to turn ashes into beauty. You not only turn our morning into gladness, but You also promise us the ultimate dream – a royal wedding! Each day as we walk with You, You are conforming us into the likeness of Your Son in preparation for the moment Jesus will return to bring us home to the place He is preparing for us. We will join in the song of the Lamb, dance on streets of gold, and celebrate with You forever. We cannot imagine what a glorious time that will be. Thank You, Father, that until that day, You are constantly with us on Earth through Your Holy Spirit who dwells in us. In the blessed name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Reflection Questions: This week, let’s talk about dreams. Which of the four dreams from week 6 homework (To be a bride, beautiful, fruitful, and happy) resonated with you most? Have any of them come true in your life? Have you given up on them? Are you still hoping for one or more? Post here or on the fb page.

Video: Watch Session 7: Beauty From Ashes, following along in your member book.

Homework: Surprise! -Do the Week 7 homework.

Feel the chains loosening, dear ones. God is working in our hearts and minds, rebuilding and renewing. Freedom is coming.

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2 Responses to Breaking Free – Week 7

  1. Bernie Lutchman says:

    You have a great blog, Michele!!
    Thanks for sharing! We are one day closer, each day!! Let’s pray many come to a saving knowledge before it’s too late for them, sister!
    Blessings in Christ

    Brother Bernie

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