Breaking Free – Week 6

Hey guess what??? We are half way through! Great job, Siestas! Take a moment and celebrate how far we have come…


Okay, ready to get back at it?

Prayer: Father, we thank you that you are  our Healer. You are the Great Physician. We can put antibiotic and a bandage on a cut. A doctor can set a broken leg. A surgeon can sew flesh back together. A psychologist can ask questions. But only You can heal. Only You can cause the blood to coagulate, forming a scab as protection while you repair each cell underneath. Then, when the process is complete, the scab falls off and the restored place comes to light. While we are extremely grateful for the marvels of modern medicine, we realize that they are limited. We take comfort in the fact that there is no wound so deep that You cannot heal it. You know exactly what caused the damage and what is required to fix it. As it is with physical trauma, so it is with our hearts. We praise you Jesus that you came to bind up the brokenhearted. We give You permission to move our fearful hands and remove our makeshift Band-Aids from our wounds to allow You complete access to do what only you can do. Thank You, Lord. In the miraculous healing name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Reflection Questions: Let’s broaden the question in the middle of page 109. We have all experienced pain, whether it was childhood victimization, betrayal, or loss. Whatever the circumstance, in the times of our deepest pain, have you ever thought about how Jesus felt about what happened to you? What did you think? Post here or on the fb page.

Video: Watch Session 6: Binding Up The Brokenhearted, following along in your member book.

Homework: Surprise! -Do the Week 6 homework.

Y’all are doing great. I am so blessed to study God’s Word with you.

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