Breaking Free – Week 5

Hey Siestas! I imagine that some of you, like me, encountered some uncomfortable steps while surveying the ancient ruins. Maybe you even stumbled a bit. Aren’t you so thankful that our Ancient of Days walks each step with us?

Let us press on, Dear Ones…

Prayer: Father, we thank you for carefully unearthing our ancient ruins. Like a diligent archeologist, you carefully dig around each piece, gently remove it, and dust it off. The difference is that while archeologists can only hope about what they will find, You, our Omnipotent Creator, already know what is buried. You know what the palace looked like in it’s glory days, and You alone already see the beautiful mansion You will create as you rebuild broken lives and dwell therein. Hold us close as we continue to dig. We choose to trust You, even when our emotions urge us to hide, because we know that You have a wonderful plan for us that is better than we can imagine. Thank You, Lord. In the Restoring, Majestic name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Reflection Questions: Let’s discuss the Day 4 Personal Discussion Question: Without dishonoring anyone, what further enlightenment on chains you need to break has the Holy Spirit given you this week? Post here or on the fb page.

Video: Watch Session 5: Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins, following along in your member book.

Homework: You guessed it, do the Week 5 homework.

Hang on to Jesus. The process is not easy but God promises it is worth it!!!

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2 Responses to Breaking Free – Week 5

  1. Myriam says:

    Hello there
    First of all, my apologies for being MIA for so long. I have been doing the homework and keeping up. In fact, I am a bit confused because I am finishing week 5 today. Not quire sure how I got ahead. This week has been a bit with mixed emotions all around and my heart was a bit distant from God and consequently did not really connect with the lessons at all. Another story for another time but I can use some prayers.

    On to the question at hand. I so enjoyed Week 4 (Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins) as I pray that God will do his mighty work in my life as I try my best letting him mold and fashion me to not repeat the sins of the previous generations. It’s kind of weird – I grew up in church (Catholic) but my parents only attended church during Christmas, Eater or some other events but they made sure their children went and it was even a school requirement that we all attended church.

    To this day, my parents are not believers. Praying hard for their eyes to be opened. In running away from life and being embarrassed for being a single mom at the age of (26) and no offense to any single parents but it was my view and not wanting to be another statistic. It’s just that growing up – it wasn’t the life I planned for. I was ashamed and took my 2 months old baby to Florida. And God was waiting there to meet me. The people I was staying with were regular church goers and I had to go with them. I made all sort of excuses but they would have none of it. So I went, The pastor read part of Romans 7 about Pau’s life and wanting to do good but couldn’t. Straight to the heart, I kept saying (in my heart) as the pastor was reading the passage
    -‘That’s me’,
    -‘I don’t want to be the person that I am’,
    -“I don’t know how to change’ as he continued to read then came one of the most beautiful questions: who will rescue me from this body of death?
    And I thought? You mean there’s help? My situation is not hopeless?

    And on, he continued ‘Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

    And I was sold. I went home. Got on my knees and confessed every known sin and cried my eyes out there was Saviour and I could be different.

    I can’t recall one word from the sermon except the following words running to my head “Jesus can deliver me” and He has. I called myself a miracle believer because I came from a very destructive family in every sense of the word and it is the family that God has chosen to birth me into the world. I’ve made my peace with that.
    I am a Christian. And I do not take that lightly that Christ sought me and redeemed my life from the pit that it seems that I was destined for. And I was not looking for Him. I was just fed up with life.

    So sorry for such a long detour but all that to say that without dishonoring anyone or being judgmental – the way I was raised makes me want to do a complete 180 with my own family. Specifically: criticizing, judgmental, pride, demeaning statements. The seeds were planted very deeply into me and ironically enough I hated them (behaviors that is) but every now and then – they would raise their ugly heads. The Holy Spirit has indeed been very helpful in breaking down these walls and He’s doing a great job. Wouldn’t expect any less.
    The Holy Spirit has shown me that I can start a new generational line that believes and trusts God and leave my child with a godly heritage to pass down to his family.

    Oops and that was way too long.And the One who is able to keep me from falling…..

    Blessings to you all.


    • Michele says:

      Hi Myriam!! You are right on track, I fell behind in the posts. I am finishing week 5 also. I will post week 6 on Monday.
      What a wonderful testimony! Praying for you.
      I am so thankful to know you. 🙂

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