Breaking Free – Week 3

Well Siestas, how is your study going? Are you ready to be done with these once and for all? =======>

Yes? Okay! Let us press on…

Prayer: Father, we thank you for the incredible gift of salvation through Christ. May our hearts never forget our destination – that one day we, as the spotless bride, will be united with our glorious King at the wedding of the Lamb. As we live with that promise in mind, teach us to fully embrace and appreciate these benefits you offer for our daily lives. Make it the deepest desire of our hearts to know and believe you, to glorify you, to find satisfaction in you, to experience your peace, and to enjoy your presence. Make these a reality in our lives. Thank You, Lord. We come to you in the mighty, healing name of Jesus, amen.

Reflection Questions: Which one of the five benefits stands out to you most? Is there one that you already desperately want? Is there one you currently have trouble with? Is there anything that suprised you? Share what is on your heart about these benefits of being in relationship with the living, Almighty God.

Video: Watch Session 3: That You May Know. Follow along with the listening guide in your member book. Be forewarned – MamaBeth is F.I.R.E.D. U.P. in this session!! 🙂

Homework: After you have watched the video, begin the Week 3 homework.

Giddyup, y’all! We are ON the Freedom Trail! 🙂

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  1. I dream about that day, in heaven, when I’m united with my King! Wow, what a day that will be.


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