Breaking Free – Week 2

Hey Siestas, can you feel God taking hold of your shackles?  He is ready to unlock them and set you free!

For any catching up, see the Launch post to get up to speed.

As  a reminder: you may respond or comment on this blog, but for privacy, most of our responses and dialogue will be on the facebook group page. If you are doing this study with us and want to engage in the discussions, simply let me know and I will add you to the group. 

So, shall we take the next step?…

Prayer: Lord, we thank you and praise you for the work you are already doing in us through this first week of study. You brought us here for such a time as this. None of us wants to be in pain, or even uncomfortable, but we know that when you remove a king from our lives, your purpose is to allow us to see you as you really are, high and lifted up. We are constantly drawn to earthly kings because they appear so worthy. You are the only One who is worthy. Purify our hearts and open our eyes so that we may truly see You on your throne. When we truly see you, we will give you praise, as even the rocks cry out in your presence. In the saving name of Jesus, amen.

Reflection Questions: Who (or what) is your Uzziah? Have you put someone else on God’s throne in your heart? Are you looking to someone or something to make you feel better?

Video: Watch Session 2: Untying the Cords of the Yoke. The listening guide for this video is on pages 30-31 of your member book. Watch the video whenever your schedule allows. If Mondays are busy and you prefer to watch it on Sundays, that is fine. Just try to stay consistent so you do not fall behind.

Note: Feel free to write all over your book. Use those margins, that is why they are there. Take your time and let God speak to your heart. If you come open to what He has for you, you will see Him work miracles!

Homework: After you have watched the video, begin the Week 2 homework. There are only 5 days of homework, so aim to do one “day” each day. Again, do all the work (and more) as God leads you, it is all for your benefit.

God is already working in each of you!

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