Breaking Free – Launch

It is time to BREAK FREE!!

Today we begin  Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories” (Revised 2009 Edition). For more information, see the Introduction post.

As mentioned, I will post here every Monday. Each post will include a prayer, instructions for video/homework, and then a reflection question or two. You may respond or comment on this blog, but for privacy, most of our responses and dialogue will be on the facebook group page. If you are doing this study with us and want to engage in the discussions, simply let me know and I will add you to the group. 

So, shall we get started?…

Prayer: Let us begin before the throne of our Mighty God. Heavenly Father, this day we come humbly before you, bringing our baggage, our idols, our strongholds. We lay our lives, our souls and bodies, our strengths and weaknesses before you. We come enslaved. While we attempt to be obedient, we realize that there are still areas of our lives in which we are not fully living the Spirit-filled life that Christ died to provide. You alone know the depths of our pain and fears. You alone are able to heal us. You alone are able to set us free. Transform our hearts and minds by the power of your Word. We commit today to trust You through this study. Have Your way in us, Lord. When the cleansing process gets difficult, painful, or frightening, please remind us that You will never leave us, and that cleaning out the wound is a necessary step in healing. Bind up our wounds and heal us as only You can. We thank You, Lord, for being a God who cares, who loves us more than we can imagine, and who is able to bring all things to completion. We thank you for the incredible gift of a personal relationship with you. We praise Your Holy Name, amen.

Video: Watch Session 1: Introduction. The listening guide for this video is on pages 6-7 of your member book. Watch the video whenever your schedule allows. If Mondays are busy and you prefer to watch it on Sundays, that is fine. Just try to stay consistent so you do not fall behind.

Note: Feel free during the videos and homework to write all over your book. Use those margins, that is why they are there. I implore you to not just look to fill in the blanks. Take your time and let God speak to your heart. If you come open to what He has for you, He will do amazing things in you.

Homework: After you have watched the video, begin the Week 1 homework. There are only 5 days of homework, so aim to do one “day” each day so you can finish before the next Monday. Again, do not short-change yourself while digging in the Word. The more you put into it, the more you will reap a harvest of Freedom!

Reflection Question: For this first week, post a comment regarding your thoughts as we embark on this journey to freedom. List any things on your mind that are currently strongholds in your life, from which you desire to be free, or any other emotions or expectations you have.

I am so thankful to be studying with you. Buckle up, y’all. Here we go!!

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4 Responses to Breaking Free – Launch

  1. Myriam says:

    Hi Michele
    Thank you so much for taking the lead in setting up this study. God’s timing is always perfect. I do love the point about taking time to let God’s word sink in. I, for one, like to rush to get things done and it is a nice idea and I plan to use it in this study especially when the tendency will be to think ‘oh I remember this and move on’ from having done the study before.

    I am ready to bring the issues that of fear, self esteem, doubt and unbelief at the foot of the One who has redeemed from the slave market of sin – and be free from the bondage that have plagued me.

    May we never be the same dear Jesus.


  2. Courtney Beth Burnside says:

    Michele, I went to the simulcast, and started Living Beyond Yourself at church on Monday, Which is also offered as an on line study thru the lifeway site, and is such a great Beth Study have you seen it? about how to access the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, gentleness, self control, to get the most for your ministry, and your life!! I have often wanted to do that study so I’m so thrilled that Jennifer is having it at the women’s word share on Monday because it is to quote Beth one of the most practicle and relavant ones for our every minute help!!! which is totally what I need the most!!!If you have not done this study please check it out, it will go well & compliment all the others I think if time permits so I’m still going to find time for Breaking Free!! I love you and the way you bless us with all this insight and fellowship !! xoxo

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