Duty or Delight Week 6

Hello, Siestas!

Well, here we are. The last week of our study together. Those who are behind, do not fret. I too fell behind last week because I was travelling. Keep at it, sisters. We will stick together though the finish!

Step 1 – Prayer:

Father, thank you for all you have taught us and the ways you have worked in us through this study. We ask you for strength to persevere through the end. Write these lessons on our hearts and incorporate them into our daily lives. Teach us how to love you and how to let you love us. Draw us closer to you. Just as John leaned up against you, we want to be as close to your heart as possible. Let us lose ourselves in you. We give You glory, Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

Step 2 – Video: Now, please watch the Week 5 video by Tammie (.wmv format). (The video is also available in .mov format.)

Step 3 – Discussion Comments:

  1. Question 1 – Jesus Time: Tammie provided an outline for an effective prayer time on page 117. Do you or will you use a similar pattern in your devotional time? What are other ways we can improve our prayer time?  
  2. Question 2 – Love: One way we love God is by loving others. What is one thing you will do this week to love someone?

Step 4: Finish the Homework: Do week 6 (pages 130-151) in your DoD book.

Hold fast, dear ones. Next week we will have a wrap-up session. After that, we can discuss options for future study as we continue to encourage everyone to finish DoD.

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4 Responses to Duty or Delight Week 6

  1. kaschroer says:

    Question 2: I am loving my friend tomorrow by taking her to the hospital and staying there with her through her lumpectomy. Any prayers offered up for her would be appreciated!

  2. kaschroer says:

    I’m leaving Lincoln early tomorrow morning with about 55 ladies from my church to attend Women of Faith in Omaha. Very excited! I spent all of today with my grandboys and have not been able to even start my DoD homework. I’ll get busy Sunday afternoon! God bless you all, sweet Siestas!

    • Michele says:

      Nice! Which WoF? There are two teams now I believe. I want to go see the one with Henry Cloud – love that guy! Have a great trip!

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