Scripture Memorization – Part 3 – Step Out In Faith

Here are the tangible steps to memorize Scripture take once you have prepared your heart.

The First Day:

  1. Set aside a regular time I suggest first thing in the morning, right after devotional time.
  2. Pick a quiet place. It is important to be able to concentrate without distractions.
  3. Read your verse aloud. God’s spoken Word contains supernatural power.
  4. Write it out. THIS IS CRUCIAL. Remember long ago when the teacher made little Johnny write “I will not be mean to Sally” on the blackboard 100 times? Why? Because the mechanical act of writing reinforces it in our minds.
  5. Meditate on the verse. Think about the context. What is the setting? Who is saying it? Why? To whom are they speaking? What does it mean and why is it important? After you have studied the text yourself, consult commentaries for greater enlightenment.*
  6. Explain the verse to someone else. Learning is solidified in teaching others. When you speak it to someone else, you engrave it in your own mind. (Recall God’s tip from Deut 11:19)
  7. Get a memory/accountability partner or small group. This greatly increases motivation, success, and fulfillment.

 Revisit each step as needed.

Every Day:

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Try to do it the same time every day, and as often as possible throughout each day. Keep your verse with you at all times. Post copies everywhere around the house (remember Deut 11:20?)  Whenever you have a down moment (waiting at the doctor’s office, stuck in traffic, between tasks at home, etc.) take it out and work on it. Review them just before you go to sleep (Deut 11:19b).
  2. With the verse handy, read it out loud. Then look away and say the first word. Read it again, then try to say the first few words. Keep going until you can say it without looking at the paper. Refer to the paper as needed, but try not to look unless you have to.
  3. Make sure as you are working on them, you are speaking it OUT LOUD. Whisper if you have to, but it is important to speak it.
  4. If the verse is long, break it into sections and work on each section, one at a time, then start putting them together.
  5. Take a walk as you memorize (Deut 11:19b!). It can be hard to concentrate while sitting in a room. If you engage your body in a mundane activity, that frees your mind up to focus on the verse. It works and helps your body at the same time!
  6. If you struggle, ask God to remove any distractions from your mind and teach you the verse. Just keep trying.
  7. When you get it, keep practicing. Say it a little faster. Then go back and recite all the previous verses right through your newest one.

If you spend some time understanding the verse at first and then practice it while walking each morning, even for only 15 minutes, you will be amazed at what God does.

Realize that as God writes his word in your heart, He is transforming your mind. You are becoming more intimate with your Creator.

When you have sown the Word of God in your heart, He will bring a harvest in your life. Remember to thank Him. When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you. Deut 8:10

Praise his Holy Name!!!

Next: Part 4 – Walking In The Word – coming soon!

*Many free Bible commentaries are available online:
Remember that commentaries should be seen as secondary helps, never to replace your personal study of the biblical text.
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