Duty or Delight Week 4

Congratulations!! You have made it half way through the study! This can be the time where we get down or have fallen behind and are tempted to give up. Please stick with it!! It is worth it. Hang in there, you will be glad you did. I am praying God gives each of you strength to carry on and blessings for your perseverance.

Let’s move on…

Step 1 – Prayer: As always, let us begin before the throne:

Abba, thank you for the incredible gift of your abiding presence in each of us. You gave us Your Holy Spirit as our Counselor, through whom we receieve guidance for this life and the wondrous treasure of intimacy with You. Thank you for revealing yourself to us through the study of your Living Word. Thank you for never giving up on us, even when we want to give up. Please give us strength to continue on this journey, and open our hearts and minds to what You would have for us. We praise You, Lord. In the saving name of Jesus, amen.

Step 2 – Video: Now, please watch the Week 3 video by Tammie (.wmv format). (The video is also available in .mov format.)

Step 3 – Discussion Comments:

Then, answer one or both of these questions either here or on the facebook group page.

  1. Question 1 – Our Rock: This week we studied how God wants to take away our heart of stone (Ezek 36.26), and He wants to be our Rock (Eph 2.20). What do you think about those two doctrines put together – God removes stone to give us stone? What does that mean to you – have you applied it in your life?
  2. Question 2 – What do you think?: What stood out to you or touched your heart most deeply during this week of study?

Step 4: Homework for this week: Do week 4 (pages 84-107) in your DoD book by next Tuesday.

Siestas, thank you for praying for each other. In Matthew 14.19, Jesus did not feed the people by himself, he enlisted the disciples to help. We need God first and foremost, we also need each other.

I am so thankful to be seeking God with you.

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7 Responses to Duty or Delight Week 4

  1. patty says:

    1) This was really interesting to me. Due to certain relationships w/family and a few friends, I am having a hard time trusting others. This portion of study reminded me to the fact that I was beginning to have a hard heart toward these certain people. I was thrilled to have this truth illuminated to me and I have asked God to help me trust again and for Him to heal the hurts.

    2) What stood out to me: Page 71…”When we rely on our own defenses, we reject God’s message of present protection.” This was eye opening! Any time we rely on our own protection devices we don’t have God’s protection. I would rather have God’s protection any day over any wall or device I make for myself that I think protects me.

    Just an FYI…I am off FB for awhile and I will reply over here for the remainder of the study. Just taking a break that I truly need.
    Love ,

  2. karen says:

    I too, have been off – for a while. I have had a huge project that has consumed me… I was supplied at the exit conference (last week) after much prayer… HE always is there. I am working on the trust – and will now be catching up. Work is still pressing, but I am going to try and set aside time and catch up…. here are the answers to the questions for week 4.
    1.) Trust in everything. Trust is such a difficult word. Our home is in foreclosure, we have no idea where our “home” will be…. My husband has been forced into retirement because of health challenges – his income is limited, there are many challenges – and pressures now – all I can do is trust in the plan that God has for me and be supplied by Him.
    2.) page 81: Have you allowed the enemy to bully you into believing that certain promises of God are not for you? This question leads me back to the trust thing… by not FULLY trusting aren’t I letting the enemy in?

    I will be catching up – week 4 and week 5 so that on Tuesday I will be ready for week 6!! I need this study into my heart!! I will try and get back onto FB – keeping up with everything has been a challenge because of work.

    • Michele says:

      I hear you, Karen. Hope the work is going well and glad God is providing all you need. Catch up as you can, if you need anything just let me know!

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