Duty or Delight Week 3

Hi Siestas! Are you staying cool? It is supposed to be in the 90’s and possibly hit 100 this week here in Syracuse, which is extremely rare. I’m wondering if the Miser brothers stuck another deal. 🙂

So, are you getting your duty-bound roots loosened up so we can start moving over to delighting in God? Sometimes it is frightening to change, but I get the feeling God is ready to take us on an amazing adventure!

Shall we continue?

Step 1 – Prayer: Let us begin this week’s study going humbly before God:

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving us. You sent Jesus to redeem us when we did not deserve it. You extended your great mercy to us as your wrath, which we deserved, instead went onto our Pascal Lamb. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving your life, your body, and your blood for us. Thank you for the symbolism of unity with you through Holy Communion. Thank you for placing your Holy Spirit with us so that we may constantly be spiritually feasting on the Bread of Life. God, please teach us anew about your promises this week. You are our Redeemer, our Rock, and our Wonderful Counselor. We give you all the glory and praise. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

Step 2 – Video: Now, please watch the Week 2 video by Tammie (.wmv format). (The video is also available in .mov format.)

Step 3 – Discussion Comments:

Then, answer one or both of these questions either here or on the facebook group page.

  1. Question 1 – Guilt: Tammie wrote about this subject many of us have trouble with on page 53. Sometimes we might not even realize how inner guilt is affecting us. How would you rate your level of daily guilt with the Lord? How would your daily life change if you believed you are redeemed?
  2. Question 2 – Communion: This week’s homework concluded on the Lord’s Supper. Have you communed with God? Oh, dear ones, I wish we were physically closer to celebrate communion together. Someday in our Father’s house we will join voices in praise to our King. Today, let’s remember that He is with each of us, and that as we are each united to Jesus, He unites us as His body, the Church.

Step 4: Homework for this week: Do week 3 (pages 60-83) in your DoD book by next Tuesday.

Feel free to comment throughout the week on what God is doing through this study!

If you are joining us for this study and have not already introduced yourself here on this blog or on the fb group, please do so now. If you do not want to say much, at least leave your name (or even secret code name) so we know you are here and can be praying for you.

Excited to hear more of what God is doing in your lives. Talk to you soon, Siestas!

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