Deeper Still 2011 – Priscilla Shirer

Sorry for the delay, technical difficulties. Here are notes from Priscilla Shirer’s teaching session:

Christ died for more than our eternity, He wants us to experience a little of heaven here on earth.

Sometimes we get so addicted to the chaos  and stress of life that we can’t enjoy an unplanned break. Sometimes we let good things enslave us. We get consumed, cluttered, and overwhelmed by what we have. God did not give us freedom from sin so that we could be enslaved to what he has gifted to us. The Holy Spirit does not want free people on their way to Canaan to have a slave mentality.

God provided water and manna for the Israelites in the desert. He also gave boundaries within which to enjoy those things, the Sabbath (Shabbat) was one of them. Without boundaries, things run rampant and we become enslaved.

Are you capable of saying no to that indulgence? Is there breathing room in your time and living space?

The two manna boundaries were: Do not gather on the 7th day, and each day, gather only what you need, no more. When the Israelites disobeyed these boundaries, the food would spoil. God provided enough on the 6th day to allow the 7th day to be a day of rest. Do not try to be God, rest in His provision.

Resist the urge to continue whatever your issue is. Slaves hoard and live in fear, free people give and live in love. We need to determine what God has called us to do and do just that. We have made an idol out of our exhaustion. When we cease striving, we get to see what God has already accomplished in our lives. Ask God to teach you how to be free.

Create a margin in your life.  Shabbat is 14% of the week. Take 14 minutes every day to Shabbat. Clear 14″ of space in your house – closet, desk, refrigerator.

Jesus died for our freedom. Keep God as your focus, and He will finish the work He has started.

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