Deeper Still 2011 – Beth Moore

Notes from Beth’s message:

In 2Tim 1:1-14 there is a 3-layered foundation:

  1. God has a unique regard for generations
  2. We are each in our generation on purpose.
  3. Each generation is linked to the other 2.

Isaiah 41:4 – Each generation can change the direction of the line. Sometimes God makes promises that he fulfills in your grandchildren. God is faithful – if we remain faithful in a warped and crooked generation, we are still okay.

Three generations: Timothy 19-39; Eunice 40-60; and Lois 61+. 

Don’t get in the trap of competing with each other, die to it. God will not annoint competition in ministry.

  1. Keep your conscious clean – when you’ve blown it, own it.
  2. Let people in – in this age, we have never been more in touch and never been more isolated. If we take up relationships electronically over personally, we are done.
  3. Esteem your blend.
  4. Fan the flame.
  5. Embrace that change. Let your spiritual potency trump your natural tendency.

If we do not learn to control our passions in this out of control world, we will fall into the deepest pit. And unless they are Holy passions, keep your passions off of the internet!

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