Deeper Still 2011

Those awesome peeps at Lifeway brought the final Deeper Still conference to Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend. Of course it was a blessed event. Seven years ago, I worked at the Louisville airport installing the ASDE-X system, so it was great to see all the familiar places, only this time I did not get to go up to the top of the control tower, snap. 😉

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Friday night opened with worship by Travis Cottrell and the worship team before Kay Arthur brought the gospel to the first teaching session. I started taking notes in the Deeper Still program and they filled up not only Kay’s section but all of Priscilla’s as well. Lord, that lady can preach!

Tammie Head kick-started Saturday with a devotional time where she taught about the life of worship and warfare, and that we should be constantly focused on God.

The worship team came introduced us to a new song that will be on Travis’ next album (coming Sept 2011). The song is entitled “The Word of God has Spoken.” Travis also did a solo about the resurrection story. Beautiful song and man, that guy has some pipes!

Then Priscilla Shirer took the platform with a power-packed message on Shabbat (Sabbath). Since I had already used up her section of the program, I started notes for her teaching on a legal pad. Filled five pages.

After lunch, the always immaculately manicured Beth Moore taught a lesson on generational relations based on Lois, Eunice, and Timothy.

After the event ended, I ended up going to dinner with a few sweet Siestas at my favorite L’ville restaurant, the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe. Awesome food, cool U of L sports atmosphere, and roll-your-eyes Derby pie. Yum!

Well, those are the highlights. See ya around Siestaville!

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5 Responses to Deeper Still 2011

  1. Fran says:

    Thanks for the pix and letting us peak inside the weekend!!! I know you were blessed beyond belief! Have a wonderful week!

    ((hugs)) and blessings,

  2. Nesha says:

    Thanks for the recap! You are going to share your notes, right? LOL Those weekends are such a blessing! Bummed that I couldn’t make it but Mama duties called here with the boys. I am looking forward to when we do finally meet face to face!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Nesha! I planned on it, but it took me too long to make this post so I gave up for today. I’ll try to get back to it soon. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Yolanda says:

    I am enjoying getting to know you, as well as the ladies thoughts from the weekend. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Kelly S. says:

    You are beautiful inside and out! Awesome weekend, and you have the BEST pictures. You really have an eye for candid photos! I lost my camera right before I left home, but I found it yesterday, figures! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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