Hello all. Or both. Or one. Stats say there are usually a few hits each day. Thank you for checking in and staying faithful.

It has been a difficult season. I miss Cindy so much. That along with central NY winters, no job/structure, and a few other issues have made this round of depression overwhelming these last three months.

But spring is coming. Easter. Jesus is risen. And he can not only redeem your life, he can redeem your day.

So I’ve been doing some new things, and God has been doing a lot more. I am hoping to get back to blogging soon and focus on my original ideas of discussing Bible details here.

I gave up on posting the SMT because it mirrored Beth’s site and those that were participating were already posting on Beth’s so it seemed redundant. Does anyone want that back?

In any case, I already have a few topics for blog Bible study, so Lord willing we’ll get this party started again soon.

ttfn! 🙂

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7 Responses to Crickets

  1. Hey, glad to see you back. I know I don’t know you very well yet, but I missed you. Glad you are doing better. I can understand about going through seasons. Let’s face it some seasons are harder than others. Any way I posted a recent blog on choices.

    Again it is good to hear from you. I will continue to pray.


  2. Becky Roode says:

    Dear sister,
    I understand. Interesting that we haven’t known each other long, but are going through similar things. God is good in bringing people together.
    I feel like I’ve fallen off the blog wagon. I feel like I have so much to share, but it’s just not surfacing in written form.
    So we pray and we follow God’s leading. We live to glorify Him and we hold close that He loves us so very much.
    I love ya, too!

    • Michele says:

      Well you have a lot of reading/writing to do right now for school, so you shouldn’t worry about your blog. You’ll have that much more to share/teach after graduation!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Michele,
    I have come looking for you, but of course you weren’t here. Just hoping that you will feel better soon. We, siestas, are praying for you.

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