2 Days To Live

What would you do if you knew you only had 2 days to live?

Thinking about this as I make Cindy’s final arrangements.  She doesn’t know it, but she only has a few days to live.  What do I want to make sure I do in these last hours?

I will give her as many of her favorite treats as she’ll eat, take her to the park, take her picture, look at her, pat her, kiss her, and do anything else that comes to mind to make sure that her final hours are as pleasurable and peaceful as possible.

That got me thinking.  What if I knew I would see Jesus face to face in 2 days?  Would my final hours contain wasted time?  Would I study my Bible, prepare my list of questions for God, seek or give forgiveness from someone, or go indulge myself by heading south, eating some Mexican food and hitting the beach?

So the question becomes, why aren’t I living as if the return of Jesus is imminent?  Is what I do with my time every day glorifying God?  Am I seeking God daily and being obedient to the best of my ability?

I honestly do not know if dogs go to heaven, but I know God cares about animals.  I cannot wait until the moment my time on this planet is over and I am in the presence of God because then I will fully experience His love.  But if the desire of my heart is to be as close to God as possible, then seeking Him first will draw me into a more intimate relationship with Him and allow his grace, love, comfort, and joy to flow through me here on earth.

The only way to a close, healthy relationship is quality time together.  What that means for me is to seek God first and more often than the internet.  That is my biggest challenge these days.  And for these next few hours, it means shutting off this computer and being with my sweet Baby Girl.

What about you?

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3 Responses to 2 Days To Live

  1. Your blog takes me back to my Grandaddy. He was 70 years old, and not doing very well physically. I remeber turning to my husband and telling him that I needed to go see him. We loaded up the car and drove to Florida. That weekend I will never forget, it was the weekend my Grandaddy gave his life to Jesus and my precious 6 year old was able to witness the whole thing. One month later my sweat Grandaddy got to meet Jesus. What would I do? My desire is to be as close to God and fulfil the destiny that He has called me to do. I pray that is what I would be doing.

    My prayers are with you my new blogging friend. I pray that Jesus keeps you ever so close to His side. Remeber He is your refuge and strong tower.

  2. Jane says:

    Well said. My heart goes out to you in these next few days. Love her, love her, love her! I just want to hold you in my arms too but since I can’t I have asked God to that for me. So feel His arms around you as you go through this with Cindy.

  3. Carol says:

    Hi Michele I am on the seista blog at Beth Moore page I have been praying for you and will continue you can email me if you would like to I have been thinking about you.
    I thought this a.m. it is a wonderful thing that God can bring people together thru a blog and bind the hearts together to me thats amazing.
    will keep you in my thoughts

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