A Centuridog’s Life

 Today, we have a guest blogger – my sweet dog Cindy.  Here is some wisdom from an old dog: 

Cindy the Centuridog

Hello, pups!  My name is Cindy dog and I am 100 years old (The humans keep saying 16 ½, but you know, not all humans are good with math.)  Some dogs are afraid to get old, but me, I think it’s the cat’s meow.

Here are my top ten favorite things about being an old dog:

10. You get as much attention as when you were a puppy #feeltheluv

9. Your human will wait on you any time day or night.

8. No more generic brand biscuits – only your favorite treats every day! And if your treat is not exactly in front of your mouth, your human will come pick it up and feed it to you.

7. You’ll finally lose that extra weight, without the bother of those points-based programs.

6. No more tricky stairs; your human will pick you up and carry you outside. #chauffur

5. Your human will constantly modify the house to meet your needs.  Floor rugs, padded corners, safety gates, and more.  #best_doghouse_evfur

4. Dinner time is great!  Your human will prop you up against the couch, bring your supper and water dish to you, and if you stall a bit – she will hand feed you.  #roomsurvice

3. If you don’t like what’s for dinner, your human will take it back and bring you something better.

2. You can poop in the house without getting in trouble.  Heck, sometimes I don’t even bother to wake up!

1. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and nap anywhere, anytime. #QueenCindy

You see?  I get treated like royalty and showered with love.  What more could a dog want?  It’s A Centuridog’s Life.

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  1. Jane from SC says:

    The picture of your retriever looks just like mine. Her name is Holly and she turned 13 last week!! All she does during the day is lay on our bed and take a siesta!! We should get them together.

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