Genesis Study Tip

A few months ago, the folks at Bible Study Magazine asked for readers to submit tips for studying the book of Genesis.  Mine was one of the seven tips printed in the Nov/Dec issue that just came out. 

In the immortal words of Dr Sheldon Cooper, was colon capital d.

My tip as submitted read:

The principle of “First Mention” states that the first time a word or concept occurs in the Bible reveals identifiable characteristics that will remain consistent whenever that word or concept appears later in Scripture.  Since Genesis is the first book, and a large one, careful analysis of the introduction of terms in Genesis provides valuable information applicable throughout Genesis and all other books of the Bible.  Logos 4 has a number of powerful tools, such as the Bible Word Study, that make detailed word analysis quick and easy.

The first time something I wrote appeared in a major publication was when I submitted an anonymous personal example for Beth Moore‘s book So Long Insecurity.  So this study tip for BSM – which I originally learned from Beth – was the first time my name was listed, and the topic was the principle of First Mention.  Just makes me snicker, it does.  🙂

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  1. Kelly S. says:

    Hi Michele, I just found your blog from the link on LPM. I always look for your comments because you are so insightful 🙂 Not sure if you remember, but we met briefly in Houston at the SSMTC. I hope you and Cindy are doing well. I dont have a blog, but am on Facebook.

    much love!

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