The Captives Are Free

The world watched intently as 33 Chilean mine workers were rescued from the dark tomb that held them captive a half mile underground.  As each miner was helped from the rescue capsule, people all around the planet were glued to their televisions as newscasters showed live footage and talked about personal details of each miner.

People who live on the opposite side of the planet.  Who don’t speak the same language.  Who have never been to Chile or South America.  Who had never heard of any of these men and did not even know this mine existed before August 5th.  Those people cheered and wept along with Chile as fellow humans were rescued from a devastating situation in which they had no ability to save themselves.

So, what about the other captives?  Wives oppressed by violent husbands.  Children vicitmized by sexual predators.  Youths sucked into gang wars.  Single parent families that can’t afford food or shelter.  Adults that can’t form healthy relationships because of dysfunctional thought patterns.

Why doesn’t the world care nearly as much about these captives?  Why are we not, like Chile, pulling together resources from every available source to help?  Why are we not crying and cheering when one of them is rescued from their impossible situation?

There are many praiseworthy organizations dedicated to helping people like this.  But if our resources were coordinated, how many more could be saved?

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